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Wealth Distribution Planning Session


A Wealth Distribution Planning Session is where we help you implement the wishes of someone who passed away.  You may be acting as their executor, personal representative, or trustee and you want to do it the right way.

These jobs come with a lot of responsibility (and LIABILITY) so knowing the correct steps will make sure you don’t take a wrong turn somewhere.  Unless you’ve been trained on the necessary legal steps, it is very easy to inadvertently make mistakes that could end up costing you, personally.


Call our office at (480) 418-8448 to schedule your Wealth Distribution Planning Session. Our Solutions Coordinator will schedule the most convenient appointment time available for you with one of our specially trained attorneys.

When you schedule your Wealth Distribution Planning Session, we block 2 hours on our calendar so we can focus on your needs. We will send you a package of information to complete before our meeting which will help you begin the process of getting these affairs in order. During the meeting we will review that information with you to create a set of next steps for you to do things correctly.  In some cases, we can even draft & create simple documents, right there on the spot, that you may need.

Clients routinely say, “Knowing the steps will give me the right answers when the rest of the family starts demanding information.”

The flat fee for your Wealth Distribution Planning Session will be explained by our Solutions Coordinator when you call.  (What we do during those two hours is valued in attorney time and expertise at $1,750.) If you need to engage us for services beyond the Wealth Distribution Planning Session, we will discuss those fees with you and you will receive a credit for your Planning Session fee.  It is normally appropriate to pay for the Planning Session fee out of the funds of the person’s estate.

We will ask for you to secure your appointment with a credit card. We understand that this policy of securing an appointment with a credit card may seem unique. So is our law firm. We provide our very best service to those families who take the time to protect their families with a trusted advisor. We expend most of our energy providing an exceedingly high degree of service to our existing clients and limit the number of new clients we see each week.  Last minute cancellations will be charged the full Planning Session fee, which may be used toward a future Planning Session.


After scheduling your appointment, you will receive important information (by mail and email) that you will want to review & collect prior to your Wealth Distribution Planning Session. Feel free to contact the office at any time if you need assistance completing your worksheet or have any questions at all.

We ask you to fill it out and bring it to your appointment so that we can have the most productive time together. If there are existing estate planning documents, please make sure that you bring those to your meeting so that we can review them.

Call us today! (480) 418-8448.

 What if I’m not ready for that much?

If you aren’t sure what you need, we offer a free 30-minute phone consultation to help you decide what your next step should be.  Call to schedule that phone appointment (480) 418-8448.

"Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed." Proverbs 15:22