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Vacation! Legal Documents you Should Take

Before you head out of town for the summer, make sure you have your legal affairs in order and the correct legal documents with you.

What would happen if you didn’t make it home?

The best way to make sure your loved ones would know what to do if you didn’t make it home, is to carry a couple of legal documents with you on your trip. Arizona provides a free Wallet card to anyone who wants to store a digital copy of your health care directives on the Arizona secretary of state Health care directive’s registry. This is a great service to Arizona residents. Once you store your documents on the system, the wallet card gives you or any emergency personnel access to your healthcare agents, your living will, and your authorization to permit others to speak with your doctors or find out what hospital room you are in. You no longer need to carry copies of these long lengthy legal documents. Just carry the wallet card.

Put Your Legal Documents on a USB Drive!

For those who want to be “A” students, carry with you a USB drive of your entire estate plan. USB drives are inexpensive these days and you can carry many of your important legal documents and other information with almost no burden. We recommend that you use a password to protect the contents of this USB drive as well as encrypt them so that you are protecting your privacy. Taking this extra, small step can give you ready access to your Power of Attorney, revocable living trust, accounts and asset documents, and any other legal authorities that might be needed while you are away from home. Many USB drives now come with key chain loops and I can just become part of your daily carry items.

Head out and have fun this summer and know that you and your family are always protected even while you’re far away from your legal documents and records.

Posted on: May 24th, 2017 by Sheryl Keeme   Estate Planning
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