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Starting a new business?  Here’s how.

Starting a business can be very exciting.  We have coached many small business and start-up companies as they move from zero employees, to one, to dozens.  The first step is to form an Arizona limited liability company (LLC).  This helps accomplish 2 purposes: 1) it formalizes in your own mind the fact that your business is a serious operation and needs to be treated as such, and 2) it legally protects personal assets from business liabilities and business assets from personal liabilities (this is called asset protection).  Using an LLC to protect assets is not a one-time event.  Protection only comes from operating the LLC under strict operating guidelines we provide every business client.

Does your business have legal needs?  We can help.

Companies that are already operational have certain ongoing legal needs.  The first is to operate and maintain your corporate form (whether an LLC, corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship) in conformity with Arizona law.  Otherwise, you may encounter other situations where the advice of a business attorney is necessary.  We can draft business contracts, employment agreements, partnership agreements, vendor forms, product warranties, and many other documents your business might regularly need to operate.

Is your business facing a major transition (sale, merger, dissolving)?

Begin with the end in mind.  If your business is going to be something more than a “new job” for you, if you have any desires of seeing it grow into a franchise model, national chain, or dominant market player, you might be faced with the opportunity to sell or merge your business.  If, however, your business is at the end of its customer cycle and needs to wrap up through dissolution, the proper advice and counsel can ensure that you walk away with a clean slate.

As you face any of these transitions, we can act as your representative in negotiating favorable terms that will have a smaller tax impact, and greater financial certainty in the result.

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"Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed." Proverbs 15:22