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How Wealth Management and Estate Planning Go Together

How Wealth Management and Estate Planning Go Together

Jon and Margaret W. were what most people would consider well off. They had worked hard, scrimped and saved, and invested wisely to get where they are now. But their careful management did not include estate planning. Unfortunately, when they passed away, much of their wealth disappeared into piles of legal bills and estate taxes. They just didn’t understand how wealth management and estate planning go together.

Taking Care of the Here and Now.

The goals of financial planning are to help you protect and grow your financial resources. Typically, long-term goals are set, and plans set in place to achieve those goals.

Most people think estate planning only deals with death. However, planning for incapacity is a critical part of your estate plan. Estate plans may also provide tools to pass as much wealth as possible to heirs while maintaining control over assets. Methods of protecting assets now may reap benefits later. Gifting strategies don’t just lower taxes – they give beneficiaries funds to enjoy now.

Looking to the Future

A wealth management advisor may advise their clients on how to build their wealth for their future and for their descendants.

An estate planning attorney will help their clients build plans to dispose of their wealth in the best possible way. Trusts may be set up to provide income for generations of beneficiaries. Business succession plans may allow a family business to flourish in the coming years.

Jon and Margaret worked with a wealth management advisor for years. They were able to stay in touch with financial trends and use investment tools that saved money and reduced taxes. Though they were advised to meet with an estate planning attorney, they didn’t. Talking about death made them uncomfortable. As a result, their heirs inherited an estate that was eroded by estate taxes and legal fees.

Wealth Management and Estate Planning Complement Each Other.

Make sure the wealth you build during your lifetime goes to the right place after you’re gone.

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Posted on: April 7th, 2018 by Sheryl Keeme   Estate Planning
"Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed." Proverbs 15:22