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We understand

Lawyers can be intimidating! We get it and it’s a primary reason why Francisco started Keystone Law Firm. If you are looking for a lawyer’s help, the last thing you want is for the lawyer to create more problems!  We don’t do that.  We want to help you find answers so keep reading so you know what to expect at your first meeting.

What is Your Free Case Assessment?

Our Client Intake staff will collect information about your case. Our experienced staff will ask you a series of questions; the information will be submitted to an experienced attorney for your Free Case Evaluation.This information will be about you and your situation or problem. The attorney will submit his opinion of your options for your next steps if it is something we can help with.  There are no high-pressure sales tactics. We will simply try to identify what all of your options are for solving that thing that is making you call a lawyer.

Most people  feel very relieved with the information they receive from this evaluation. Often the next step will be a one-hour Strategy Session with an experienced attorney.  In this one hour, you will receive specific answers.  Usually, people will also feel more organized than ever before because of how we help you prepare for the meeting.  That is available to everyone who attends a first meeting.

Waiting to schedule can be expensive

Don’t wait until it’s too late! The sooner you start, the more options you will have.

Call now to schedule (480) 418-8448. You have nothing to lose by submitting your case for a free case evaluation and you have everything to gain.

Which type of meeting do you need?  Click on the appropriate type:

  1. Discuss wills, trusts, powers of attorney

  2. Act as power of attorney or trustee.

  3. Be a guardian or conservator.

  4. Protect assets for ALTCS or VA benefits.

  5. Protect a vulnerable adult.

  6. Administer an estate or trust.

  7. Help collecting an inheritance.

We mostly charge flat fees for working on the above projects, not hourly.  With flat fees, you get all of our attention included for the fixed price.  If something isn’t included in the flat fee, we will discuss that before you get charged.

For hourly cases (mostly on probate matters), you will not be charged anything until we have had a discussion about fees and we have both signed an engagement agreement.

Call to schedule your first meeting: (480) 418-8448

"Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed." Proverbs 15:22