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How to Complete the Arizona MVD Beneficiary Form.

Posted on: April 13th, 2018 by Sheryl Keeme   Probate

Automobiles. Whether you’re a collector or someone who just uses them to get from Point A to Point B, they are a valuable asset. As with all property, cars will be handed down to someone after you pass away. One way to do this is using the Arizona DMV Beneficiary form. What are beneficiary designations? […]

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What Happens to Joint Debts When You Pass Away?

Posted on: April 12th, 2018 by Sheryl Keeme   End of Life  |  Estate Planning  |  Probate

Deborah and Thomas did just about everything together during their 42-year marriage. They ran a successful real estate agency, purchased homes together, and furnished those homes, and bought or leased numerous automobiles. When Deborah passed away last year, Thomas had the job of settling her estate. First, he looked at their joint debts – mortgages, […]

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Arizona’s Probate System

Posted on: April 2nd, 2018 by Sheryl Keeme   Probate

A state court system devotes time and energy into handling cases for its citizens. That includes probate cases. For example, Arizona’s probate system provides systems and forms for people to settle their estates. While the term “probate’ typically refers only to the administration of a Will, probate courts also handle other matters involving the settlement […]

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Rebel Without a Will: James Dean and the Importance of Making a Will

Posted on: March 6th, 2018 by Sheryl Keeme   Estate Planning  |  Probate

Estate planning is important, no matter your station in life. Only about 44% of Americans have signed a Will, the most fundamental and well-known estate planning document. Without a Will, your assets may not go where you want them. Settling your estate may take longer, also, since there’s nothing in writing showing what you want. […]

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Settling Grandpa Joe’s Estate from a Distance

Posted on: February 12th, 2018 by Sheryl Keeme   Probate

Executors take on a lot of responsibility. Gathering assets, notifying heirs, and reviewing claims against the estate take time. It’s that much more difficult when the executor lives out of state and has to settle an estate from a distance. Difficult, but not impossible. Are You Qualified? If you’re named as an executor over an […]

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Long-Term Relationships and Your Estate: Protect Yourself by Getting Everything in Writing

Posted on: January 5th, 2018 by Sheryl Keeme   Estate Planning  |  Probate

Judge Wapner of the television show The People’s Court often told people, “Get it in writing.” That idea – get it in writing – is so true in many situations, even when dealing with someone you love and trust. Estate planning has its fair share of horror stories where vague promises lead to a prolonged […]

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Arizona Ancillary Probate

Posted on: November 22nd, 2017 by Sheryl Keeme   Probate

Managing the probate process for an estate can be complicated, and even more so when the decedent lives in one state and owns property in another. If a member of your family dies while owning property in multiple states, an Arizona ancillary probate may be necessary. Probate Explained Many people use estate planning strategies to […]

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How and When to Start the Probate Process in Arizona

Posted on: October 20th, 2017 by Sheryl Keeme   Probate

After someone dies, their estate lives on – at least until probate has been completed. We’ve all heard about cases that drag on for years while heirs fight about who gets what, all the while depleting the funds they hoped to inherit. Or about people who find out their loved one’s estate was never probated […]

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Caring for Assets During Probate

Posted on: October 18th, 2017 by Sheryl Keeme   Probate

When someone dies, what happens to their stuff? Financial accounts or insurance proceeds, may pass to beneficiaries right away. Other assets will be distributed after a probate proceeding, which can take one to three years. What if some assets need attention after the person’s death and before the estate is settled? Who will care for […]

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Legally Avoid Probate with Advanced Planning

Posted on: September 26th, 2017 by Sheryl Keeme   Estate Planning  |  Probate

Wouldn’t it be great if your family didn’t have to go to court to settle your estate? It’s possible to legally avoid putting your estate through probate or at least simplify the process. It just takes a little advanced planning on your part and some help from a qualified Arizona estate planning lawyer. Here are […]

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