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Arizona: Why Retirees Migrate to the Grand Canyon State

Arizona: Why Retirees Migrate to the Grand Canyon State

Blizzards, ice storms, and below-zero temps – all good reasons to move from the frozen north to warmer states. Arizona is one of the most popular destination states for people who want to make a move, especially senior citizens. Other than the weather, though, there are many other reasons that retirees might migrate to the Grand Canyon State.

Cost of Living.

Our cost of living is low compared to other states. Even our biggest cities are fairly affordable, an important factor for those on fixed incomes. Housing prices, in particular, are attractive to recent retirees.


Arizonan offers a more extensive school choice program than most states. Three of the top 10 public high schools in the country are in Arizona. At the collegiate level, Arizona is home to several top-notch universities and colleges. Even if your children are past their school days, it’s good to know that Arizonans value education enough to spend top dollar on it.


We have a business-friendly atmosphere. Our government provides unparalleled opportunities for business growth, and companies are starting to take notice. Apple, Google, and Lucid Motors are only three of the companies opening facilities in Arizona.

Culture and History.

Our southwestern culture combines Hispanic, Native American, and many other influences. Newcomers are welcome in Arizona. That’s because about 60-70 percent of Arizona residents moved here from another state or country, adding their own unique traditions to the mix.

Outdoor Entertainment.

There’s something for almost everyone in Arizona. From golf to camping to floating down the Salt River, the people here enjoy the outdoors. If the heat in one area of Arizona gets you down, take a trip to a local lake, one of the area’s national forests, or head for the cool, fresh mountain air.

For New Arizona Residents.

If you’ve just moved here, remember that laws are different from state to state. Your estate planning should be reviewed by a qualified Arizona attorney as soon as possible to make sure everything complies with Arizona law.

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Posted on: March 7th, 2018 by Sheryl Keeme   Life Changes
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