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Arizona Lawmakers Tackle Family Caregiver Expenses

Arizona Lawmakers Tackle Family Caregiver Expenses

Being able to give your loved one the care they need is rewarding. But it can be expensive too. Many family caregivers rack up bills providing assistance with daily activities, prescriptions, skilled nurses, and so on. In 2017, the Arizona legislature considered a bill that would offer caregivers a tax credit.

Arizona Family Caregiver Tax Credit Bill (HB 2209)

In 2017, House Bill 2209 was proposed by Representative Heather Carter. A similar bill was presented to the state Senate by Senator Kate Brophy-McGee.

As proposed, HB 2209 is intended to provide a state tax break to people who incur out-of-pocket expenses while caring for a family member. The bill contains the following guidelines:

  • Taxpayer must be a resident of Arizona;
  • Taxpayer Income Limits: $75,000 annual for single person or married filing separately. $150,000 for a married couple.
  • Tax credit would be 50% of qualifying expenses, but not more than $1,000 for:
    • Qualifying alterations or improvements to primary residence;
    • Acquiring equipment to assist family member with daily activities.
    • Hiring outside care (in-home or adult day care).
    • Payments for transportation, legal or financial services, or assistive care technology needed to help care for recipient.

The bill’s status is “Held in Rules,” so it has not been passed by the full legislature or signed into law by the governor. In 2018, this bill may be revisited or a new bill filed.

In the Meantime …

We don’t know whether Arizona caregivers will receive financial assistance, but other plans can be made.

  • Make sure your loved one has appropriate estate plans in place, especially if long-term nursing care may be needed.
  • Put your own estate plans in order. Who will care for your loved one if something happens to you? In some circumstances, a special needs trust might provide funds for future care.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Public benefits may provide funds for your loved one’s care. Other organizations provide meals, transportation, adult day care, and caregiver assistance.

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